Submission Guidelines

Content Submission, Procedure and Author Guidelines:

We will be interested in receiving articles on any topic related to the library community.

As we develop our editorial schedule and content guidelines with the CLA Member Communications Standing Committee, we encourage our members to submit articles for consideration, please send it to Your letters and comments on previous issues and articles are also welcome!

Current Guidelines:

Informal but informative. Conclusions should follow logically and statements should be supported. Feliciter uses the Chicago Manual of Style. Since Feliciter is not a scholarly journal, extensive footnoting is usually not required. References should follow Chicago Manual of Style Style A.

Articles may be submitted to the attention of the Feliciter Editor at the CLA/ACB office, e-mail to Please include your full contact information.

Submit your finished article in electronic format (preferably Word) as an attachment to the email. Please limit the length: 600 to 1,500 words.

Please also provide a brief bio, including at least your current job title and institutional affiliation (or other preferred identifying information) as well as complete contact information at the end of your article. If we publish your article we also require an author photograph.

We welcome colour or black-and-white prints/slides as well as illustrations, charts and tables that support the text. Photographs and illustrations should be sent as separate files/documents and not embedded in the text document.

Acceptance: Articles are accepted at the discretion of CLA.

CLA reserves the right to make revisions, deletions or additions that enhance the text or are required to meet length restrictions. All materials are copy-edited for consistency. Substantial revisions are discussed with the author.

Every effort is made to provide the author with an opportunity to review the edited text prior to publication.

Submissions to Feliciter must be original and not previously published. CLA retains world rights in all formats to all material published in Feliciter and acts as a clearinghouse for any subsequent use. Requests to make copies or otherwise use material must be made in writing to CLA. Permission is usually granted for authors to reproduce their contributions as published in the magazine. CLA clears any reprint or other requests to use material with the author.
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