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Students to CLA – 2015 National Conference

The Students to CLA program was implemented more than twenty years ago to engage students studying library and information sciences. The opportunity for students to attend the conference is usually their first exposure to a national conference where they will network with industry professionals, meet industry leaders, and explore opportunities in their chosen field of study for future employment.

Students will discover new opportunities in this field from exposure to community leaders during the conference. This unique opportunity will also allow them new experiences and the opportunity to build career equity.

This program usually includes eight participants and a Student Coordinator, most often a previous Student to CLA. The coordinator liaises with the students to create a schedule that will include the student’s chosen activities/sessions and leads them through the conference to ensure that they are able to enjoy the experience as well as garner significant knowledge and ideas through their participation.

Students are considered on the basis of academic achievement, leadership, potential, and demonstrated interest in the library and information community. In addition, students must be active volunteers in their CLA Student Chapter, university program, or community.

The 2015 Students to CLA program was jointly funded by the Canadian Library Association and Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Travel funds were provided by the student, their student association, or their faculty.

In addition to eligibility requirements, students must fulfill certain obligations to the program, which include attending the first timer breakfast to interact and engage with senior mentors from LAC and CLA; participate in the entire conference; attend sessions recommended by CLA and provide a synopsis and review for publication in Feliciter; prepare a session summary; and prepare and present a verbal summary of key findings from the conference to LAC and CLA.

The Students to CLA Program also includes a feature section in the Annual Conference Review issue of Feliciter, whereby the students provide a review of their conference experience. Each of the student session summary articles, written by the students in attendance, are published as their interpretation of the key take-aways from that learning experience.

We wish to thank the Student Coordinator, Ms. Andrea Kampen, the students, and Library and Archives Canada for their active involvement and support in the continuity of this program.

The 2015 Students to CLA Program included:

  • Zoe Dickinson , Dalhousie University
  • Lydia Thorne, University of Western Ontario
  • Sonja Myers, Nova Scotia Community College
  • Nicole Askin, University of British Columbia
  • Céline Gareau-Brennan, University of Alberta
  • Christopher Marsh, McGill Univeristy
  • Jessica Lynch, University of Ottawa

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