Feliciter Rises Again


We are so excited to be launching this new platform for Feliciter!

Article by: Valoree McKay, CLA Executive Director

Feliciter was developed as a news source dedicated to serving the Canadian library and information services community. Each issue of Feliciter contained opinion pieces, columns, and feature articles on professional concerns and developments, along with news of the Canadian Library Association.

Feliciter was offered first as a print publication and then transitioned into a digital publication. Up to now, Feliciter has been produced as a bi-monthly publication (6 issues a year). Each issue contained regular columns, feature pieces, copyright article and additional community sourced articles based on a theme.

The technical demands, as well as the demands on time from both the volunteers and CLA resources forced us to look at ways that would allow us to reduce these demands while still providing what is felt by the community as a valuable communication tool. In addition, we had been asked by the Membership Communications Standing Committee to look at revising the collection process for articles, the presentation format and the frequency.

The identified solution was the creation and development of a new blog style magazine for CLA’s communication and publishing activities that had the ability for interaction with the reader while achieving the objectives of being user friendly; visually appealing; cost effective to operate; minimizing the demands on the CLA team, volunteers and authors; and permitting articles to be posted on a regular, more frequent basis. We have spent the last many months, with a few interruptions to focus on other priorities, working on the development of this new platform and today we are ready to share it with you!

We will continue to have key features such as articles on issues of importance to the community, the copyright feature, messages from the President and Executive Director, career listings, news from CLA and the ever popular community news. Digest will continue to be shared via email every two weeks however we have now linked it to Feliciter.

We anticipate and hope that you will enjoy this new version of Feliciter and are excited about the opportunity it brings. We encourage you to share your comments on the new platform with us, praise or criticism, so that we can continue to evaluate and grow this very important communication and publishing tool.


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